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5-Axis Machining Center SMU50

Product description:

● high speed, high power, high torque electric spindle, maximum speed 20,000rpm, maximum power 40Kw, maximum torque 135Nm;
● absolute grating measuring system, fully closed-loop control, positioning accuracy ≤ 0.006mm, repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 0.004mm;
● mineral casting base, small coefficient of thermal expansion, strong damping and vibration suppression, core components through the FEA finite element and dynamic depth optimization, to achieve high dynamic accuracy and stability;
●B and C axes with servo-driven double gear backlash mechanism, accurate and reliable positioning and low maintenance cost;
●40T large-capacity tool magazine with automatic tool change by robot;
● ergonomic design, convenient for the operator to change parts and tools, reserved for group line automatic door function;
Electromechanical and hydraulic integration design concept, high integration of the whole machine, small footprint, easy to transport and stable installation.

Product Detail

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Item Unit SMU50
Basic Information X/Y/Z axis travel mm 500/450/450
B-axis swing range degree -5/+110
C-axis rotation range degree 360
Distance from spindle end face to workbench (when B-axis is at 0 degree) mm 150~600
Workbench size mm Φ630X500
Max. load capacity of the workbench kg 250
Spindle Max. spindle speed/taper shank rpm 14000/HSK-A63
Power (S1/S6-40%) kW 15/21
Output torque (S1/S6-40%) Nm 80/112
Max. spindle speed/taper shank rpm 20000/HSK-A63
Power (S1/S6-40%) kW 25/40
Output torque (S1/S6-40%) Nm 87/135
Feed system X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse speed m/min 30
Max. cutting feed rate m/min 30
B/C axis speed rpm 20
positioning accuracy X/Y/Z axis mm 0.006
B/C axis arc sec 8
Repeatability X/Y/Z axis mm 0.004
B/C axis arc sec 5
Automatic tool change system Number of tools pcs 40
Max. tool length mm 300
Max. tool diameter/adjacent no tools mm Φ80/Φ130
Max. tool weight kg 6
CNC system Siemens —— 840D SL
Machine parameters Total height mm 2750
L X W (including maintenance and operation space) mm 4150X3980
Net weight (excluding accessories) kg 5350
Electricity demand kW 25