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VTC250140 CNC vertical lathe is a brand-new generation product developed completely independently on the basis of fully digesting and absorbing the advanced technology from abroad and combining with the advantageous technology of CNC vertical lathe of Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co.
The VTC250140 vertical lathe is mainly used for machining industries such as general machinery, pumps and valves, rail transportation, steam turbines, bearings, engineering machinery, wind power, etc., processing various large parts with high precision, many processes and complex shapes. The use of this machine tool can save process equipment, shorten production preparation cycle, ensure the quality of parts processing and improve production efficiency.
The machine tool can be used for the turning of external circles, internal holes, end faces and other rotary surfaces in one clamping. The overall layout of the machine tool is made up of double columns and top beams with a fixed gantry and lifting crossbeam on the columns.

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Item Unit VTC250140
Main parameter Workbench diameter mm 2000
Workbench Outer Jaw Range mm 560-1760
Workbench Inner Jaw Range mm 710-1950
Max. swing diameter mm φ2500
Max. turning diameter mm φ2500
Max. workpiece weight Kg 16000
Max. workpiece height mm 2000
Max. torque of workbench N.m 35000
Max. speed of workbench r/min 150
Frequency conversion main motor power kW 55
Ram Ram body section size mm 240×240
X-axis travel mm -50~+2150
Z-axis travel mm 1400
Feed rate Cutting feed speed range mm/min 1-1000
X-axis rapid traverse speed mm/min 8000
Z-axis rapid traverse speed mm/min 10000
Tool Turning tool shank dimensions mm 40X40
Max. cutting force of the tool kN 30
Beam Lifting movement mm 1400
Lifting speed mm/min 300
Positioning spacing mm 200
Lifting gear 7 gears and 8 positions
Positioning method Hydraulic positioning pin
Positioning instruction method M function instruction
Machine Weight Kg 40000
Total electrical capacity KVA 125
Roundness of machined workpiece mm 0.01
Consistency of machined diameter mm 0.02(on 300 measuring length)
Flatness of machined workpiece mm 0.03/Ф1000
Surface roughness of machined workpiece μm Ra1.6
μm Arc surface, conical surface Ra3.2
Positioning Accuracy X-axis mm 0.025/1000(0.02/1000 optional closed loop)
Z-axis mm 0.025/1000(0.02/1000 optional closed loop)
Repeatability X-axis mm 0.008
Z-axis mm 0.008