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YUNNAN Vertical Machining Center V6 V8 V85 V10

Product description:
YUNNAN Vertical machining centers are mainly used to process various parts with high precision, many processes and complex shapes. Our vertical machining center has complete specifications, diverse configurations, compact structure, stable performance and good accuracy retention; The main purchased parts such as ball screw, Linear guideway, bearing, coupling and tool magazine are all Taiwan brands; The protection is carefully designed, with beautiful appearance and good waterproof; According to different needs, you can choose the “three hard guidway” heavy-duty series, “two-linear and one hard” all-round series, “three linear way” high-speed series. It can also be equipped with rotary worktable, tool magazine, chip conveyor, gear head, etc.

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YUNNAN Vertical machining centers V6 V8 V85 V10

Item Unit V6 V8 V85 V10
Table Size Length×Width mm 700×420 1000×500 1000×550 1300×600
Maximum loading weight kg 400 600 800 800
T-slot date ×Width ×Dis. between centers mm 3-18×125 5-18×102 5-18×100 5-18×100
Spindle Taper/dia. - BT40/Φ140 BT40/Φ150 BT40/Φ150 BT40/Φ120
Speed Rpm 12000 direct motor 12000 direct motor 10000 12000 direct motor
Main motor Power Kw 5.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
Travel XYZ travel mm 600/400/420 800/500/500 800/550/550 1000/600/600
Dis. from spindle to table mm 170~590 170~670 140~690 170~770
XYZ rapid speed m/min 48/48/48 48/48/48 48/48/48 36/36/24
Dimension size Length×Width×Height mm 2100x1675x2300 2630x2050x2350 2500x2300x2700 3260x2350x2600
Gross weight kg 4100 4500 5500 7200
Position accuracy mm 0.012/0.010/0.010 0.015/0.010/0.010 0.015/0.010/0.010 0.016/0.012/0.012
JISB 6330 ±0.005/300 JISB 6330 ±0.006/300
Repeat position accuracy mm 0.006/0.004/0.004 0.006/0.004/0.006 0.006/0.004/0.006 0.007/0.006//0.006
JISB 6330 ±0.003


•The tool magazine support and column are cast in one piece, which eliminates the influence of the tool magazine on the vertical accuracy and improves the accuracy retention of the machine tool
•The table is optimized in gateway structure, and the thickness is thickened to 130mm, which improves the rigidity and accuracy retention
•The sliding saddle adopts multi-layer gateway structure, which improves the rigidity, compression resistance and bending resistance
•The oversized widened base improves the stability of the machine tool. Equipped with large-scale circular water tank, it can be equipped with spiral chip conveyor, which can greatly prevent the leakage of chip liquid
•Z-axis adopts large torque motor for fast response
•The main shaft adopts a short nose structure, and the speed reaches 10000rpm. The continuous processing does not need to be equipped with an oil cooler, which reduces the user’s use cost and reduces the equipment failure rate.
•The three axis are equipped with 4016 imported ball screws, with a fast moving speed of 48m/min, which effectively improves the processing efficiency. Large stroke 800*550*550mm with large linear guiideway
The three axes are equipped with imported roller guideway of 35/45/45 specifications, and the Z axis adopts the design of double-sided six slide blocks to increase the bearing capacity of the machine tool and chip rigidity.