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Product description

1.Integral sleeve spindle
Single spindle spindle box, using the whole spindle unit to reduce the mechanical transmission of power loss, fast and smooth start with low temperature rise, small thermal deformation, high precision
2. Guide tailstock
HTC40E tailstock with bed integrated sliding guide, telescopic sleeve simple, manual locking, good rigidity
3. Two-axis feeding
X-axis and Z-axis are driven by servo motor and directly connected with ball screw through flexible coupling. Both axes guide rail adopt rolling guide rail, which greatly improve the processing accuracy, fast moving speed and production efficiency.

Product Detail

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Items Unit HTC40E
Length specification mm 300 500
Maximum swing diameter over bed mm Φ500 Φ500
Maximum cutting length mm 300 500
Maximum cutting diameter mm Φ360 Φ360
Maximum swing diameter over cross slide mm Φ320 Φ320
Spindle nose type and code - A2-6 A2-6
Spindle bore diameter mm Φ65 Φ65
Maximum bar stock passing diameter mm Φ50 Φ50
Single-spindle spindle box
Spindle speed range r/min 50-4500 50-4500
Maximum output torque of spindle Nm 177 177
Main motor output power -
Main motor power
30 minutes/continuous kw 15/11 15/11
Chuck diameter inch 8″ 8″
X-axis rapid traverse speed (rolling rail) m/min 30 30
Z-axis rapid traverse speed (rolling rail) m/min 30 30
X-axis travel mm 200 200
Z-axis travel mm 320 550
Standard tool post type - Horizontal 8-position Horizontal 8-position
Tailstock travel (sliding guide) mm - 350
Head travel mm - 100
Tailstock sleeve taper morse - 5#
Maximum load capacity
Disc workpieces kg 200 200
Shaft workpieces kg - 500
Machine weight kg 3400 3650
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 2400x1900x1850 2400x1900x1850