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SHENGYANG(SYMG) CNC Slant Bed Lathe HTC63400n

Product description:

The CNC slant bed lathe model HTC63400n is a versatile and high-performance machine designed for precision turning and cutting operations. Its slanted bed design ensures superior rigidity and stability, making it ideal for machining large and heavy workpieces with exceptional accuracy. Equipped with a user-friendly CNC control system, the HTC63400n offers a range of cutting-edge functions and features, including live tooling, automatic feeding, and high-speed spindle rotation. With its advanced technology and compact design, the HTC63400n is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of industrial applications, from aerospace and automotive manufacturing to tool and die production.

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Item Unit HTC63400n
Max. swing diameter over bed mm 800
Max. cutting length mm 4000
Max. cutting diameter mm Shaft 630/Disc 750
Max. swing diameter over cross slide mm 630
Spindle nose type and code A2-11
Spindle bore diameter mm 110
Max. bar stock passing diameter mm 85
Headstock spindle speed range/Max. output torque r/min/Nm 20~2000/950
Main motor output power 30 minutes/continuous kW 30/32
Standard chuck Chuck diameter inch 15²
X-axis rapid traverse speed m/min 12
Z-axis rapid traverse speed m/min 12
X-axis travel mm 410
Z-axis travel mm 4050
Tailstock sleeve diameter mm 180
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 160
Tailstock spindle taper morse 6#
Standard tool post type - Horizontal 12-station
Tool size Cylindrical turning tool mm 32×32
Boring tool bar diameter mm Ф50/Ф40/Ф32/Ф25
Can the cutter head be selected nearby YES
Machine Weight Total weight kg 23000
Max. load capacity Disc workpieces kg 500(Including chuck and other accessories)
Shaft workpieces kg 2000((Including chuck and other accessories)
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 6900×2825×2680