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XINYUE Vertical Deep Hole Drilling Machine ZS-450L2/3-12 ZS-450L2/10-20

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The ZS-450L series Vertical Deep Hole Drilling machine could with 1-4 station and each of which tool feeding adopts PLC control, and servo motor drives ball screw to ensure precision linear guide feeding. The machine has two working systems, which control the left and right units respectively with on interference between the two units. The speed of the precision high-speed spindle is regulated by the inverter, and the workpiece clamping is controlled by the hydraulic mechanism. Customized workpiece revolution machine is provided for high quality shaft parts. Large holes above Ф25 can choose BTA (internal chip removal) deep hole drilling. The machining efficiency is 1.5-2 times of gun drilling, with a finish up to 0.4μm.

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Please Note: The machine has two chip removal modes: internal and external chip removal. / Max. hole size for internal removal is 70mm. / Customized machine is provided upon request. / The dimensions in the table are in millimeters.


1. Inverter Speed Regulation
The speed of precision high-speed spindle can be regulated by an inverter to gain the best cutting line speed so as to adapt to corresponding speeds needed for different materials and hole sizes, which is ideal for batch processing because of low energy consumption.
2. Hydraulic Controlled Workpiece Clamping
The workpiece clamping is realized by hydraulic pressure. This is a simple, easy fixing mechanism, which ensure stable and consistent workpiece processing quality.
3. User-Friendly Interface, Intelligent Operating System
The system can display fault information, processing count, timing, storage program, anti- faulty or empty clamping, self-learning and so on. (1) Tool management (2) Easy operation (3) On-line monitoring
4. Shorter Tool Length, Significantly Improved Efficiency
The inverted vertical structure removes chip removal box from traditional deep hole drilling machine, which greatly shortens the tool length and improves the rigidity of the tool and processing efficiency.
5. Inverted Vertical Structure, More Smooth Chip Removal
Surpass traditional horizontal deep-hole drilling structure by arranging the tool at lower side and the workpiece at upper side, so chip removal is more smooth, which significantly improves efficiency.

Deep Hole Drilling Applications

1. Auto industry
2. Aviation industry
3. Structural building industry
4. Medical equipment industry
5. Molds Tools Metallurgical industry
6. Oil pressure Pneumatic industry

Parts Machined By Deep Hole Drilling Machine


Xinyue Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Chip removals of modern deep hole drilling technology are divided into: external chip removal deep hole drilling, also known as gun drill; and internal chip removal deep hole drilling, such as BTA drilling, ejector drilling, DF drill and core drill. Targeting at different industries, we have designed and developed a full series of deep-hole processing machines with different features.
In deep drilling field, Xinyue has innovated a series of new inverted vertical deep hole drilling machines. For the workpiece with holes less than 600 mm, inverted vertical hole drilling machine has outstanding features in excellent chip removal performance, good tool rigidity, compact structure, high processing efficiency. In particular, it can choose different tools of gun drill, U drill, BTA drill, core drill, oil hole drill up different requirements to achieve optimal performance, accuracy and cost control. For different workpiece requirements and different customer needs, we provide single-station, double-station, triple-station, quadruple-station models.
Since 2008, we have cooperated extensively with Huazhong University of Science and Technology. A number of scientififi c and technological cooperation projects have received high degree of attention and praise from the county Science and Technology Bureau. Under the care and support of the customers and the community, Xinyue will continue to strive to innovate and deepen deep hole drilling new prospects.

Diverse Tool Solutions

Solutions of XINYUE original inverted vertical deep drilling machine adaptable to a variety of tools.


U drill: high metal removal rate, 0.1-0.3mm feeding rate per revolution, suitable for deep holes with hole length less than six times of hole diameter. The disadvantages include large hole size deviation and high degree of roughness.
Spade drill: high metal removal rate, 0.1-0.3mm feeding rate per revolution, suitable for deep holes with hole length less than 20 times of hole diameter.
Oil hole drill: an ideal solution for elongated hole. It can process slender holes with diameter as small as 1mm, and holes with length-diameter ratio less than 20. The efficiency is three times higher than that of gun drill.
Gun drill: ideal for high-precision deep hole machining, which can process precision holes with dimensional tolerance less than 0.03.
BTA Drill: Efficient large diameter hole machining tool. BTA drill can be chosen for holes with Φ20 and above diameters, which ensures high efficiency and drilling accuracy.