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Operating Procedures for Tianshui Spark Horizontal Lathes

Tianshui Spark Horizontal Lathe is a machine tool that mainly uses turning tools to turn rotating workpieces. On the Tianshui Spark Horizontal Lathe can also be used to drill, reaming drills, reamers, taps, plate teeth and knurling tools and other corresponding processing. So do you know the operating procedures of Tianshui Spark Horizontal Lathe? The following for you to explain:

1, check whether the parts are intact before driving. Cold start should make the vertical axis of low-speed idling for 2-20 minutes using lubricating oil dispersed everywhere in winter is particularly important. Wait until the lathe is running normally before working.

2, the work of the vertical axis need to change speed must be stopped to change speed.

3, in order to ensure the precision of the silk rod in addition to turning threads should not be used long silk rod for automatic feeding.

4, not in the chuck, bed guide knocking correction workpiece bed is not allowed to school workpiece or tool.

5, pad clamp correction of heavier workpiece? Should be used to protect the bed. If the workpiece can not be unloaded at the end of the day need to use a jack to support.

6, turning tool wear in a timely manner after the correct sharpening.

7, the use of cutting fluid to be coated with lubricant on the guide rail in advance. The cutting fluid in the cooling pump should be replaced regularly.

8, the machine tool automatic operation of the body and hands shall not enter the movement range of the mechanism.

9, only to confirm that the protective door is safely closed and locked before processing. It is strictly prohibited to open the door during automatic operation.

10, the spindle speed shall not exceed the permissible limit speed of the chuck. Higher speeds will reduce the clamping force.

11, the chuck must be clamped at high speed to prevent the workpiece from being thrown out during operation.

12, the workpiece and tooling must be mounted firmly and reliably inappropriate clamping force will lead to workpiece flying out of the casualties.

13, processing workpiece shall not be overloaded cutting.

14, do not remove or modify the machine equipped with safety protection devices. In the protection of all safety guards function properly before operating the machine tool

15, the machine tool installation, maintenance or adjustment test must be qualified or have the ability to maintain professional personnel in accordance with the provisions of the machine tool instruction manual must be cut off before maintenance and lock the power supply.

16, the work is completed to remove the lathe and around the chip and chip liquid? Wipe the lathe clean and add lubricant according to the specified parts.

17, the end of the work will be a large drag plate shaken to the end of the bed at the end of the rotation handle is set in high-grade position to close the power supply.

Post time: Aug-03-2023