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Introduction to the structure and principle of heavy-duty horizontal lathes

Heavy-duty horizontal lathe is a kind of machine tool for machining large and heavy workpieces, usually used for manufacturing parts of large equipment such as ships, generators, wind turbines and so on, Heavy-duty horizontal lathe has a wide range of application prospects. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the performance and function of this lathe will also continue to improve, and make greater contribution to the development of manufacturing industry.

This article will introduce the structure, working principle and application of Heavy-duty horizontal lathe.

I. Structure

It usually consists of bed, spindle box, feed box, tool holder, tailstock, bed cover, bed cover and other components. The bed is usually made of two cast iron plates spliced together, the surface is precision machined, with good rigidity and stability. The spindle box is usually installed on the right side of the bed, and the spindle is the core component of the whole machine tool, which is driven to rotate by the gear transmission system and motor, and supported by large ball bearings. The feed box is located underneath or on the side of the spindle box and is responsible for controlling the feed speed and trajectory of the workpiece. The tool rest is usually located on the left side of the bed and can be moved along the bed to hold various cutting tools. The tailstock is usually located at the right end of the bed and is used to support long, thin workpieces. The head cover plate and bed cover plate are installed at both ends of the bed, playing a protective and sealing role.


II. Working Principle


Basically the same as the general lathe, the workpiece is driven to rotate by the rotating spindle and processed by the cutting tools on the tool holder. The difference lies in the fact that due to the larger working range of this lathe, more power, higher rigidity and more feed methods are required to meet different machining needs. In addition, the support structure of the horizontal lathe is also more important as large workpieces are usually heavier.


It is widely used to manufacture various large parts, such as wheel hubs, machine tool beds, generator rotors, ship hulls, wind turbine blades and so on. These components usually have large diameters, complex shapes and high precision requirements, so they need to use Heavy-duty horizontal lathes to complete the processing. In addition, because of the lathe’s excellent rigidity and stability, it is also used for machining materials such as high hardness metals and hard alloys, as well as for performing complex processes such as deep hole machining.

Post time: Aug-08-2023