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Do you know the requirements for processing heavy cutting vertical lathes?

Heavy cutting vertical lathe is a machine tool used for metal processing, with high rigidity and stability, suitable for heavy cutting processing. When conducting heavy cutting machining, there are some requirements that need to be noted to ensure machining quality and safety. The following are several important requirements:
1. Stability of the Heavy cutting vertical lathe: Heavy cutting requires significant cutting force and impact, so the stability of the machine tool is crucial. The main components of the machine tool, such as the bed and columns, should have sufficient rigidity and stability to resist cutting forces and vibrations. In addition, the foundation of the Heavy cutting vertical lathe also needs to be firm and stable to ensure stability and accuracy during the machining process.
2. Selection and installation of cutting tools: Heavy cutting machining has high requirements for cutting tools. Choose tools suitable for heavy cutting, such as large blades, large handles, etc. The material of the cutting tool and the treatment of the cutting edge also need to be considered to improve cutting performance and lifespan. When installing tools, it is important to ensure that they are firmly fixed and in the correct position to avoid machining quality issues caused by tool looseness or misalignment.
3. Selection of cutting parameters: For heavy cutting, appropriate cutting parameters need to be selected, including cutting speed, feed rate, and cutting depth. The cutting speed should be moderate. If it is too high, it may cause tool overheating and wear, while if it is too low, it may affect machining efficiency. The feed speed should be determined based on cutting force and cutting impact to avoid excessive cutting impact and vibration. The cutting depth should be selected based on the workpiece material and processing requirements to ensure processing quality and tool life.
4. Cooling and lubrication system: Heavy cutting processing generates a large amount of heat and chips, so an effective cooling and lubrication system is needed to reduce temperature and remove chips. The cooling and lubrication system should have sufficient cooling capacity and coolant supply to ensure that the temperature of the cutting tools and workpieces is within an acceptable range. At the same time, the cooling and lubrication system should also have good filtering and cleaning functions to prevent chips and impurities from damaging the machine tool and cutting tools.
5. Monitoring and adjustment of the machining process: During heavy cutting, it is necessary to constantly monitor the machining process and make adjustments as needed. Pay attention to observing indicators such as cutting quality, tool wear, and machine tool operation status, and promptly identify problems and take corresponding measures. For example, replacing severely worn tools in a timely manner and adjusting cutting parameters to ensure machining quality and tool life.
In summary, when processing heavy cutting vertical lathes, it is necessary to pay attention to the stability of the machine tool, select appropriate cutting tools and parameters, equip with effective cooling and lubrication systems, and monitor and adjust the processing process. Only by strictly adhering to these requirements can the safety and high quality of heavy cutting be ensured.

Post time: Aug-23-2023