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CNC Turning Machine Repair

Daily use of CNC Turning Machine, often meet some fault problems. Having a basic understanding of the fault of CNC Turning Machine, simply distinguishing the cause of the fault and mastering simple repair methods can quickly restore the lathe to normal without causing serious loss to production. Today, we will inventory some common failures of CNC Turning Machine for you, and we suggest collection.

The common faults of CNC Turning Machine are divided into two categories, which are deterministic faults and random faults. Deterministic failure refers to the failure that occurs when the machine tool hardware is damaged, this failure is irreversible and must be repaired before it disappears. Random faults are faults that occur accidentally, and the causes of faults are often related to the installation quality of components, parameter setting, software design and working environment, which can be recovered by restarting the machine, and the causes of faults are difficult to find. The method to avoid deterministic failure is regular maintenance, and the method to avoid random failure is to ensure reliable installation and connection, and strengthen the maintenance and inspection of CNC system.

The common failures and solutions of CNC Turning Machine are: spindle parts failure:

1. Among the spindle parts, the automatic tool clamping and automatic speed control device is prone to failure. When the tool cannot be released after clamping, it may be a problem with the loose tool hydraulic cylinder and travel switch device, and the nut on the butterfly spring needs to be adjusted.

2. Feed rotating chain failure: When the quality of movement of the machine tool decreases, there are running interruptions, positioning accuracy decreases, bearing noise becomes large, crawling and other problems, may be the feed rotating chain failure. For this type of failure, you can improve the transmission accuracy, improve the rotation stiffness, improve the movement accuracy to solve.

3. Automatic tool changing fault: When the robot holds the tool shank unstable, the robot movement error is large, the tool changing action stuck and other faults, it is the automatic tool changing device has a problem. For such problems, according to the different circumstances to give different repair failure, such as tool clamping is not tight, it is necessary to adjust the clamping grip spring, or replace the robot clamping pin.

4. Supporting device failure: machine tool supporting device failure is also one of the common failures. When the hydraulic system failure, variable pumps should be used to reduce the hydraulic system heat; when the pneumatic system failure, should check the lubrication, check the sealing of the pneumatic system; when the cooling system failure, should clean the coolant nozzle.

5. Each axis of motion position to form a switch press fit failure: the long-term operation of the machine tool, the machine tool may produce each axis of motion position to form a switch press fit failure, so you need to regularly check and replace the travel switch to reduce the adverse effects of such failures on the machine tool.

Post time: May-22-2023