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SHENYANG(SYMG) CNC Mill Turning Center HTC50Bm

Product description:

1.High rigidity tailstock

The tailstock adopts a built-in sleeve small spindle structure, which has the characteristics of good rotation accuracy and high rigidity. The position of the entire tailstock can be adjusted by dragging the bed saddle.

2.High rigidity feed system

In order to compensate for the elongation of the lead screw caused by the rise of the working temperature, and ensure the positioning accuracy of the lead screw and the system rigidity of the ball screw when it is used, the lead screw is pre-tensioned and pre-tensioned according to a certain thermal elongation before assembly to eliminate the impact of temperature rise on the accuracy.

Product Detail

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Item Unit HTC 50Bm-1000
Max. swing diameter over bed mm 680
Max. cutting length mm 900
Max. cutting diameter mm 460
Max. swing diameter over cross slide mm Φ500
Spindle nose type and code - A2-11
Spindle bore diameter mm Φ104
Spindle speed range/Max. output torque of the spindle r/min/Nm 35~3000/890
Main motor power 30 minutes/continuous kw 30/22
Chuck diameter/type inch 12″
X-axis rapid traverse speed m/min 30
Z-axis rapid traverse speed m/min 30
X-axis travel mm 240
Z-axis travel mm 910
Machining Accuracy IT6
Positioning Accuracy
X-axis mm 0.008mm
Z-axis mm 0.012mm
C-axis 40″
Repeat Positioning Accuracy
X-axis mm 0.005mm
Z-axis mm 0.006mm
C-axis 25″
Tailstock sleeve diameter Φ120
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 150
Tailstock travel mm 800
Tailstock sleeve taper morse 5#
Standard tool post type Horizontal 12-position
Tool size
Cylindrical turning tool mm 25×25×150
Boring tool bar diameter mm Φ50/Φ40/Φ32/Φ25
Whether cutter head is able to select cutter handily - Yes
Max. speed of power tool r/min 2000
Max. drilling capacity mm x mm 20×0.2
Max. tapping capacity mm x mm M16×2
Max. milling capacity mm x mm x mm/min 25×14×40
Max. load capacity
Disc workpieces kg 200
Shaft workpieces kg 800
Machine weight kg 7000
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 3700 x 2210 x 2200