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SHENYANG(SYMG) CNC Horizontal Lathe HTC125300

Product description:

HTC125300 practical CNC horizontal lathe is an excellent product designed and manufactured based on the digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign CNC lathe technology of the same specification, as well as our company’s many years of experience in producing CNC horizontal lathes, in response to market demand.

The machine tool can process shaft and disc parts, turning threads, arcs, cones, and the inner and outer curved surfaces of rotating bodies. It can meet the high-speed cutting needs of black and non-ferrous metals. The design reasonably matches the rigidity of components such as the spindle, bed, and tailstock, greatly improving the rigidity of the entire machine and ensuring stability during heavy cutting. Therefore, the outer circle precision of the machine tool can reach IT6~IT7 level. As a universal machine tool, it is particularly suitable for efficient and high-precision processing of rotating parts in industries such as locomotives and valves.

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Item Unit HTC125300
Max. swing diameter over bed mm 1250
Max. clamping workpiece length (effective center distance) mm 3100
Max. cutting length mm 3000
Max. cutting diameter mm 1250
Max. swing diameter over cross slide mm 850
Spindle nose type and code A2-15
Spindle front hole taper Metric 140
Spindle bore diameter mm 130
Hydraulic variable Headstock  spindle speed range/Max. output torque r/min/Nm 5~500/7500
Spindle speed steps Hydraulic three gears, stepless speed change within each gear
Main motor output power kW 22
Chuck Chuck diameter/type mm φ1000/Manual four claw
X-axis rapid traverse speed m/min 6
Z-axis rapid traverse speed m/min 5
X-axis travel mm 650
Z-axis travel mm 3000
Mechanical tailstock  Tailstock sleeve diameter mm 160
 Tailstock sleeve travel mm 300
Tailstock sleeve taper morse 6#
Tool post indexing time s 6
Tool size Cylindrical turning tool mm 40×40
Max. load capacity Disc workpieces kg 1000
Shaft workpieces kg 5000
Machine weight Total weight(net weight) kg 13000
Center height from bed mm 625
from the ground mm 1275
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 6500×2725×2450
Machining accuracy IT6~IT7
Roundness of machined workpiece mm 0.005
Consistency of machined diameter mm 0.025 / 300
Flatness of machined workpiece mm 0.02/Ф300
Surface roughness of machined workpiece μm Outer circle Ra1.6μm
Arc surface, conical surface Ra3.2μm
Positioning Accuracy X-axis mm 0.014
Z-axis mm 0.032
Repeatability X-axis mm 0.006
Z-axis mm 0.016