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What are the maintenance points of horizontal machining center?

What are the maintenance points of Horizontal machining center ?

Horizontal machining center plays a very important role in our practical application, when we apply horizontal machining center, how to carry out new maintenance in horizontal machining? I came to lead you to understand what are the main points of maintenance of Horizontal machining center .

1. First of all, the quality of the horizontal machining center spindle motor itself, the spindle motor produced by small manufacturers do not warranty, may be damaged at any time, this is unpredictable, so in the choice of spindle motor is recommended to choose.

2. Horizontal machining center cooling system problems, resulting in spindle motor overheating, aggravating the bearing wear, resulting in physical damage to the spindle motor, so you need to determine whether the cooling system is working properly before use.

3. Horizontal machining center using the operating system version is too low or the use of the system is not perfect, resulting in the speed does not meet the requirements of carving, resulting in excessive carving resistance, damage to the engraving machine.

4. Horizontal machining center frost protection is not good, engraving machine is a mechanical product, winter, especially in some parts of the country, the temperature is too low, no anti-freezing measures for the engraving machine, resulting in horizontal machining center engraving machine spindle damage.

So in the application of horizontal machining center, master horizontal machining center spindle maintenance points is very important, can make us better application of horizontal machining center, for reference only.


Horizontal machining center operating points

Many users in the use of horizontal machining center may not pay special attention to the main points of operation, some details are often ignored.

1. Ensure that the machining content of the workpiece is completed within the travel range of the spindle.

2. Try to complete all the machining content in one clamping, when it is necessary to change the clamping point, take special care not to damage the positioning accuracy by changing the clamping point, if necessary, it should be stated in the process documents, the contact between the fixture bottom surface and the table should ensure that the flatness of the fixture bottom surface is between 0.01-0.02 mm and the surface roughness is not more than Ra3.2 um.

3. The fixture should have as few parts and high stiffness as possible.

4. In order to simplify positioning and safety, the coordinate dimension of each positioning surface of the fixture should be relative to the machining origin.

5. For machining centers with interactive tables, the fixture should be designed to prevent spatial interference between the fixture and the machine due to the movement of the table, support, support and rotation.

6. The fixture should be as open as possible, and the spatial position of the clamping elements can be as low as possible, and the mounting fixture should not interfere with the tool path of the working step.

7. It can be dismantled in a short time and replaced by a fixture suitable for the new workpiece. Since the auxiliary time of the machining center is compressed for a small period of time, the loading and unloading of the support fixture must not take up too much time.

8. In order to ensure that the installation orientation of the part is consistent with the workpiece coordinate system selected in the programming and the direction of the machine coordinate system, directional installation.

Post time: May-11-2023