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Do you know the four main performance characteristics of pipe threading lathes?

Pipe threading lathe, consists of three series:one is horizontal lathe for processing diameter Φ400-1600mm and length 750-10000mm, the second is pipe threading lathe with spindle aperture Φ130-440mm, and the third is various big hole lathe, big head lathe and machine tool with spindle aperture Φ130-440mm. The products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, coal, geological exploration, urban water supply and drainage and other industries for mechanical processing.
The pipe threading lathe is generally equipped with a large through-hole in the spindle box, and the workpiece is clamped by the two chucks located at the two ends of the spindle for rotary motion after passing through the through-hole. The tool feed is generally in two ways: one is similar to a normal lathe by a screw driven by the bed in front of the skid plate and tool holder to achieve; the other is located in the middle of the bed on the skid plate by a flat comb knife external thread cutting head (see automatic opening and closing thread cutting head) cut into the workpiece and then move forward to achieve. Some machines for long tubes also have workpiece supports. Pipe threading lathes have been partially digitally controlled. For every 1 turn of the workpiece, the tool moves evenly according to the number of feed pulses, equivalent to the distance of the selected pitch, which is convenient for processing tapered threads, changing the pitch and correcting pitch errors. These machines can machine workpieces up to 15 metres long and diameters up to 400 mm.
The performance characteristics of the pipe threading lathe are.
1, spindle aperture hit, high passability, double chuck workpiece clamping stability
2、High quality high strength cast iron casting overall bed with good rigidity and high precision
3、The surface of guide rail has been treated with ultra audio sudden fire, high hardness and long life
4、Configuration of tapered steel device, can meet the tapered thread cutting requirements

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Post time: Jan-12-2023