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Advantages of Conventional Lathe

Conventional lathe processing range is very wide, can be rough and fine turning. It can process most parts of various nonferrous metals, ferrous metals and composite materials. The surface roughness of the workpiece is less than ra0.8 because of the higher cutting speed and the smaller feed.

Conventional lathe is a kind of machine tool which is widely used, and it is also an indispensable equipment in mechanical manufacturing. Conventional lathe can process both various parts and threads. It is generally composed of spindle, support (or tool holder), feed box (or tool changer), tool holder and workpiece, etc., but it is also composed of several parts. Conventional lathes can be divided into two types: Spindle lathe and centrifugal lathe according to their cutting parts, rigid lathe and non-rigid lathe according to their structures, and manual lathe and automatic lathe according to their control devices.

The advantages of an conventional lathe are as follows:

Ⅰ.Wide range of application

1. General purpose lathes are applicable to general purpose machinery and general purpose equipment, especially those parts with small quantity and many varieties.

2. The special lathe is mainly used for the circumstances where the precision of the parts is not required but rough machining is required. For example: Some important parts of the car, such as the connecting rod on the engine, crankshaft and so on.

3. The compound lathe has both the functions of conventional lathe for processing parts and many advantages that cannot be replaced by special lathe, and has broad development prospects in the mechanical manufacturing industry. It is mainly used for cutting all kinds of large complex parts and special-shaped parts in aerospace industry, such as all kinds of large shafts, large crankshafts, complex boxes and so on.

Ⅱ.High precision

Conventional lathe spindle box feed is generally small, and spindle box is composed of a rigid box beam, which makes the bed rigid, and bed will not vibrate and deformation. At the same time, the spindle box of conventional lathe with ball screw, work table with x axis, z axis and tool holder and grinding wheel holder, can carry out a variety of workpieces rough, finish processing.

Ⅲ.Easy to use

It is convenient to clamp the workpiece on the machine tool, and the cutter can be changed without stopping the machine.

Because of the high efficiency of the spindle system and speed control device, the power and speed of the machine tool are low, especially when the spindle automatic speed control, can use a lower processing speed cutting. Increased productivity can therefore be used to reduce costs.

Due to the use of larger tool rake angle and feed rate on the conventional lathe, a smaller surface roughness value can be obtained.

Ⅳ.Low cost and easy to maintain

Conventional lathe is a relatively simple machine tool, its working conditions are relatively simple, so the cost is lower. In its maintenance, do not need professionals, as long as the structure of the conventional lathe to operate.

At present, with the continuous development of social economy, our country is gradually increasing support for our manufacturing enterprises. Through a series of policies to help manufacturing enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading, improve technical capacity and level. With the goal of “Made in china 2025″, our country is transforming and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to modern manufacturing. In this context, production automation equipment, improve production efficiency has become one of the key points.


1. High spindle power and high processing speed. The spindle power of general lathe is generally 30 ~ 45 kw, up to 100 kw.

2. Small feed, high speed of workpiece. The feed rate of an conventional lathe is generally 0.01-0.08mm/r (that is, the feed rate is 0.005-0.015mm/r), and a large back feed is often used to improve efficiency.

3. The workpiece is difficult to be deformed after processing, and is easy to be inspected and adjusted. Especially, it is easier to control and achieve the required accuracy when the cutting parameters are properly selected and the layout is reasonable.

Post time: Feb-22-2023