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What to do if there is a power failure on the CNC pipe threading lathe

CNC pipe threading lathe, is a kind of horizontal lathe designed for turning and processing of large-diameter pipe fittings, featuring a large spindle through-hole aperture (generally 135mm or more) and chucks at the front and rear of the spindle box, so as to facilitate the clamping and processing of large-diameter pipe fittings or bar pieces, which is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, coal, geological exploration, urban water supply and drainage and other industries. Mechanical processing work.

How to deal with the power failure of CNC pipe threading lathe system?

No matter what machinery is, there will always be some failure problems, so the maintenance of machinery becomes very important. CNC lathe repair technology is not only a prerequisite to ensure normal operation, but also plays a huge role in promoting the development and improvement of CNC technology. Therefore, it has now become a specialized discipline. Let’s talk about how to deal with CNC pipe threading lathe after power failure.

When a CNC pipe threading lathe is first put into use, it must return to the reference point when the system is restarted after a power failure. That is, when the axes are moved outside the non-interference zone by manual means, then make each axis return to the reference point. Otherwise, a collision accident may occur. Therefore, after machining every day, move the axes of the machine to a safe position. At this point, you will not need to return again after operating or powering off again.

Failure caused by external hardware operation is a common fault in CNC repair. Generally are due to detection switches, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, electrical actuators, mechanical devices caused by problems. Some of these faults can be found through the alarm message to find the cause of the fault. For general CNC system, there is a fault diagnosis function or information alarm. CNC pipe threading lathe maintenance personnel can use this information to narrow down the diagnosis. Some faults have alarm information, but it does not reflect the real cause of the fault. In this case, it is necessary to analyze and solve the problem according to the alarm information and the fault phenomenon.

For the repair of CNC pipe threading lathe, the important thing is to find the problem. Especially the external fault of CNC machine tool. Sometimes the diagnosis process is complicated, but once the problem is found, it is relatively simple to solve. The following two principles should be followed for external fault diagnosis. First of all, to master the working principle of the machine tool and action sequence. Second, to be able to use the PLC ladder. NC system status display function or off-board programmer to monitor the operating status of the PLC. Machine tool technology is in development, CNC machine tool maintenance technology is also following up. CNC pipe threading lathe if the future development of artificial intelligence is good, I hope the maintenance will be more convenient and simple.

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Post time: Feb-27-2023