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CNC pipe threading lathe tool holder does not rotate or does not stop rotating problem analysis

CNC pipe threading lathe tool holder does not rotate or does not stop is a problem that many users have encountered, however, by a part of the new users encountered this type of problem but do not know how to solve, generally speaking, the main factors that cause this problem include the following:

1, the three opposite phases of the tool holder motor or the lack of phase will make the two wires of the tool holder motor modulate each other, or check the external power supply.
2, The system’s positive control signal t1 is not output. Use a multimeter to measure the outgoing end of the system and measure the two contacts of 24V and TL, while manually changing tools to see if the output voltage of these two points is 24V.
If the voltage is not present, it is a system fault and needs to be sent to the factory for repair or replacement of relevant IC components.
3. There is no power supply for the knife holder motor. Check whether the power circuit of the knife holder motor is open, whether the contact is in good contact and whether the high-voltage electrical components are damaged.
Check whether the fuse is blown.
4, the pull-up resistor is not connected to the 2K pull-up resistor
If this resistor is not connected, the knife holder will not open at the macro level and the actual action will be forward and then reverse, making the knife holder appear to be immobile.
5、The knife holder motor is damaged
Remove the knife holder motor and rotate the knife holder to see if the motor rotates. If it does not rotate, replace the knife holder motor when the line is confirmed to be normal.
6, the system positive rotation control signal TL output is normal, but the control signal circuit is open or the parts are damaged.
Check whether the positive rotation control signal line is open and whether the contacts in this circuit are in good contact; check whether the DC relay or AC contactor is damaged.
7, loosen the mechanical lock on the tool holder due to the long anti-lock time, then adjust the anti-lock time of the tool holder through the system parameters
8、The machine is stuck
Turn the knife holder by hand and judge whether it is stuck by the looseness. If so, dismantle the knife holder, adjust the machine and add lubricating fluid.
9、The water inlet of the knife holder motor causes the motor to short-circuit and make the motor dry
Install protection devices and take insulation measures.

Post time: Feb-09-2023