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CNC machining centre automatic tool change mode and features description

I. Robotic tool changer
Generally speaking, CNC machining centre equipped with robotic tool changer machine tools, they are usually equipped with a tool magazine are disc type tool magazine. So, what is the robot tool change? As the name suggests, is the machine tool in the need to change the tool processing time, by the robot to replace the manual completion of the grab knife, select the knife, tool change operation. Manipulator in the whole process of tool change, responsible for the tool from the tool magazine and CNC machining centre mutual transfer, to be used in the tool magazine from the tool installed in the machine tool spindle, at the same time will not need to use the tool from the spindle to take down and put back to the tool magazine. CNC machining centre of the main features of robotic tool changing is that the new tool and the old tool are picked up and operated at the same time, which saves a great deal of time. Therefore, the robot tool change compared to other ways of tool change, the advantages of many, fast tool change, the mechanical components of the movement of small amplitude and so on are the advantages, but also the most mainstream way of tool change.


II, direct tool change
Direct tool change refers to the way in the change, through the tool magazine and the spindle box to complete the mutual co-ordination, this way of tool change is the most direct way. Through the judgement in the tool change time, the tool magazine whether there is displacement, we can also direct tool change way respectively two kinds, the tool magazine shift way and the tool magazine fixed way. For the tool magazine moving way, the tool magazine can be moved, in the tool change, the tool magazine into the change to the area, in the tool change work is completed in the exit of the area. This way of tool change due to more operations in the tool change, and more requirements in the layout, flexibility, adaptability is poor. In the stationary mode of tool magazine, the tool selection is mainly carried out through the movement of the spindle box. The tool magazine can be stationary, or can only be rotated in position. The former can only be in accordance with the tool sorting tool selection, props less number of CNC machining centres are more suitable, the latter can be achieved by rotating the tool selection. This way of selecting tools reduces the tool magazine movement, greatly simplifies the design of the tool magazine structure, for the tool change time control is also more simple and reliable. Direct tool change is characterised by slow speed, high failure rate, has been less used.
III, turret head tool change
The so-called turret head tool change is through the rotation of the turret, to allow the need to use the tool to move the corresponding position of a tool change. Generally it is in accordance with the sequence of tool change, the advantages of a compact structure, tool change time is short, the application is mostly in the crankshaft and other long and thin workpieces of complex processes processing occasions.
Turret head tool change method and direct tool change method has similar advantages, and turret head tool change can be divided into turret tool holder tool change and turret spindle head tool change. Turret tool changer is through the turret head rotation to achieve automatic tool change; turret spindle head tool change method also needs to be equipped with a turret, but connected to the turret spindle is not a tool holder, but a multi-directional and octopus tentacles like the distribution of sub-spindle head, and each spindle head will be achieved by installing the tooling needs to be used in various processes.
When machining on a CNC machining centre, by rotating the turret, each spindle head is rotated to the machining position in turn according to the set program instructions, thus achieving the purpose of automatic tool change. As this method is to unify all the sub-spindles in one turret, it has high requirements for the stiffness of the turret spindle, tool setting.

Post time: Aug-01-2023