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CNC Flat Bed Lathe turning accuracy instability solution? -Part 2

CNC Flat Bed Lathe turning accuracy instability solution?

4.processing arc effect is not ideal, small and medium-sized CNC Flat Bed Lathes are undersized.

Failure causes: CNC Flat Bed Lathe resonance caused by overlapping vibration frequency; processing process; unreasonable parameter setting; too large feed speed, resulting in destabilization of circular arc processing; destabilization caused by too large or too tight filament clearance; wear of synchronous belt.

Solution: find out the parts that produce resonance, change their frequency to avoid resonance; consider the processing process of the workpiece material, reasonable preparation of the program; for the stepper motor, the processing rate F must not be too large; whether the machine tool is firmly installed, placed smoothly, whether the mop is worn, whether the mop is too tight, whether the tool holder has clearance; replace the synchronous belt.

5. the size of the workpiece differs from the actual size by a few millimetres, or a certain axial variation is large.

Failure causes: fast positioning speed is too fast, the drive and motor can not respond; long time friction loss after the machine’s drag plate screw and bearing jammed too tight; after changing the tool holder is too loose, can not lock; editing program error, no echo before and after or end without canceling the tool complement; electronic gear ratio or step angle of the system is set wrong.

Solution: fast positioning speed is too fast, then to properly adjust the GO speed, cutting plus or minus speed and time, so that the drive and motor work according to the specified working frequency; if there is machine tool wear, resulting in dragging plate, screw and bearing too tight jam, it is necessary to re-adjust the repair; after the tool holder is replaced, check whether the tool holder flip time to meet the requirements, check whether the turbo worm within the tool holder is worn, whether the clearance is too large, and so on. Whether the installation is too loose, etc.; if it is the cause of the program, then modify the program, improve according to the workpiece drawings, choose a reasonable processing technology, and prepare the correct program according to the requirements of the manual; if the size deviation is too large, then check whether the system parameters are reasonable, especially the electronic gear and step angle and other parameters are not destroyed, when this phenomenon occurs, make a percentage table to measure.

6. When mass production, the workpiece will occasionally be over-differentiated.

Failure causes: CNC Flat Bed Lathes must carefully check the tooling fixture and consider the operator’s operation method, as well as the reliability of the clamping, due to the dimensional changes caused by the clamping, the tooling must be improved so that workers try to avoid the phenomenon of human negligence causing misjudgment; CNC systems may automatically generate interference pulses after the external power supply fluctuates or is disturbed, thus passing to the drive to accept too much or too little pulse drive motor.

Countermeasures: to master its laws, try to take some anti-interference measures, such as: strong electric field interference under the strong power cable and weak signal signal line isolation, add anti-interference absorption capacitor and the use of shielding line isolation, check whether the ground is firmly connected, ground connection nearest, take all anti-interference measures to avoid interference with the system.

Post time: May-16-2023