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Analysis of common faults of slant-bed CNC lathe and handling methods

Slant bed CNC lathe, the plane where the two guide rails are located intersects with the ground plane and becomes an inclined plane, the angle is 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and the bed is a right triangle. The cross-sectional area of the machine is larger than that of a flat bed with the same specifications, that is, good resistance to bending and torsion. The following, I will tell about the common faults of the slant bed lathe and its processing method, hope it can help you!

1.The tool does not return to zero point after the program operation

This is generally the fault of the control system. Tool feeding or processing, stepper motor operating speed is low, while the program back to zero point, it is required to quickly return. Stepper motor high-speed operation, the use of high-voltage drive power supply to increase the output torque. Control the output of the high-voltage drive power supply has a switch triode, when the switch = transistor damage, high-speed back to zero when the high-voltage power supply can not open, the stepper motor output torque can not, resulting in the tool does not return to zero. Replacement of the switch transistor can be eliminated.

2. The operation of the operating table suddenly suspended

This phenomenon is generally caused by mechanical problems, but may also be the control system fault formation. At this time, the operating table can be returned to the origin, start the processing program from scratch, if the operating table is always operating to a certain – position when the suspension, should be a part of the transmission system damage, deformation or stuck by foreign objects, etc..

First of all, power off, and then check whether the filament mother and screw gap or skateboard inserts are too tight, the ball screw ball guide groove has no foreign matter, the screw has no bending deformation, stepping motor reducer flexible gear is loose or foreign body stuck.

3. After processing, the scale of the workpiece is very wrong

A possible cause is Loose connection between the screw or filament and the slant bed CNC lathe. There is no tool-eating resistance when empty, and the operation of the sliding plate is normal. When processing, due to the increase of cutting resistance, the screw or master screw is loosened at the articulation with the lathe, forming the scale of the processed workpiece drifting. The problem can be eliminated by tightening the articulation part.

Another possibility is that the electric tool holder is formed. If the tool holder cannot be locked actively after tool change, and the tool deviates from the processing point when cutting, the above phenomenon will also be formed. At this time should check the tool holder locking equipment and tool holder control box.

4. The processing program is often lost

If the processing program is lost after the power failure of the control system, and the machine tool can process normally after the slant-bed CNC lathe is powered on and the processing program is input from the beginning, it may be that the voltage of the backup battery is reduced or disconnected, forming the processing program in the data memory cannot be adhered to and lost after the power failure of the machine tool. Replace the backup battery can be.

If the machining program is often partially or fully lost during the machining process, it is possible that the data memory is faulty, then the off-chip data memory or the microcontroller itself can be replaced.

Post time: Feb-06-2023